English Level 1 Certification Program (Premium Coaches Kit Included)

English Level 1 Certification Program (Premium Coaches Kit Included)

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The Level 1 Certification Program is designed to help coaches understand the concept of teaching through colour. By the end of the course, you will understand how each colour influences movements in the golf swing to produce even greater results!

  • Includes FREE Colour Path Golf Premium Coaches Kit (26pcs), 4 Putting Plates, Training Towel and Rucksack (worth £224.99)
  • Access to COLOUR PATH GOLF® COACH NOW Certified Instructors platform.
  • Level 1 Certification e-Certificate.
  • A coaching profile on COLOUR PATH GOLF®  'CPG Coach Finder' web page.
  • Affiliation Scheme/Loyalty Rewards.

We provide full support throughout and you'll be working with a growing community of coaches. We believe in a culture of learning and sharing; as together the sport is stronger and more prosperous. 

Multiple coaches, academies or facility discounts are available on enquiry to info@colourpathgolf.com

Colour Path Golf Certification

Join our worldwide network of
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and deliver the revolutionary visual way.

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