Colour Path Golf are delighted to become an LPGA Foundation Education Partner to deliver exciting new resources for LPGA Professionals and LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Site Directors. As an Education Partner we aim to provide a variety of fun and engaging content to incorporate our concept into existing training programs and coaching sessions teaching through the language of colour. September 28, 2020 – Colour Path Golf announced today a partnership with the LPGA Foundation one of the game’s biggest and most influential organisations who are dedicated to introducing more young people, women and girls to the game of golf through programs and initiatives that promote fun and enjoyable learning experiences. Colour Path Golf was created by UK PGA Professionals John Glenn and Kevin Merry who have designed an innovative teaching concept, with over 100 certified instructors teaching the system worldwide, that transfers information in a simple to follow visual way. The unique learning process takes the form of following an easy-to-understand colour coded system to influence the sequence of movement in the golf swing. What the team at Colour Path Golf have developed is essentially a concept, which at its heart allows the coach and student to communicate through an externally focused learning environment, that has been proven in over 80 studies worldwide to outperform the more traditionally internally focused teaching methods. The evidence to date that we are witnessing is students are gaining fast track results and speeding up their understanding, as they find the concept a lot easier to relate to when being taught through the visual references of external coaching cues. “LPGA*USGA Girls Golf programs are all about making the learning process fun and engaging for girls,” said Nancy Henderson, President of the LPGA Foundation. We are delighted to Partner with Colour Path Golf, as they will provide our LPGA Members and Girls Golf Site Directors with an exciting opportunity to learn a unique colour coded teaching concept utilizing four specific colours as a communication tool, helping to simplify the learning process of golf. Their system is easy to use, affordable and it’s all done with the aid of externally focused visual cues, which is all explained in their online level one certification program,” says Nancy Henderson, Chief Teaching Officer/President LPGA Foundation. “We are very excited to begin a working partnership and be recognised as an Education Partner to the LPGA Foundation. This association allows us a fantastic opportunity to assist, support and share with LPGA Members and Girls Golf Site Directors our online certification programs, ongoing library of educational resources including bespoke content that compliments existing coaching programs supported by the LPGA, along with further partnership member benefits. We very much look forward to welcoming members to our certification platform and sharing how creative you can be in building games, drills and skill challenges using our training kits. Through our fun and colourful learning concept our plan is to build a sharing community of members helping members where your only limitation using Colour Path Golf is your imagination. The partnership also brings the launch and release of our new dual branded kit pieces which we are pleased to announce are made and manufactured from 100% recycled materials,” said John Glenn Co – Founder of Colour Path Golf. Glenn also states that “The evidence that we have been able to gather through our most powerful 5 minutes in golf coaching philosophy is that 95% of golfers are not able to demonstrate a clear understanding of how to make the swing shape that they are attempting to play with! This was an exciting discovery as it indicated that the majority of golfers are actually better than they give themselves credit for. By establishing a clear understanding of the relationships between the path of the swing and the club face through the use of our concept we believe that beginners and experienced golfers are only “10 swings away from changing the way that they play”. About Colour Path Golf Colour Path Golf LTD is a UK based company, founded in 2017, which provides visual training aids complimented by online coaching programs to ultimately simplify the learning process of golf, by way of enhancing the two-way communication between the coach and student with the aid of following a colour-coded teaching system. The coaching concept and training equipment is currently being used in more than 18 countries worldwide. In the future Colour Path Golf plans to continue to develop training programs and products to fast track the learning process and help to grow the game across all ages and abilities. The Color Path Golf Team has one simple goal to continue a passion of sharing new ideas to support coaches in their delivery of instruction, which in turn sees retention and new recruits to the game. For more information about Colour Path Golf, please visit Follow on Instagram @colourpathgolf
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