Regular Golfer  Fast Track Program

Regular Golfer Fast Track Program

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Colour Path Golf is designing a final follow-on from the two previous programs 'New To Golf' and 'Learning Golf'. This third and final program is geared towards the more experienced golfer, who perhaps plays frequently or has an attachment with a Golf Club (i.e. membership/subscription). 
Studying the most common challenges and frustrations within this category of golfer, this program will be designed to fast track your ability to straighten up your game (quite literally!) and keep the ball on the short stuff. Nobody's shooting their best round of golf going from hazard to hazard, so this program will provide simplified instruction using our colour-coded coaching concept and help you identify your individual 'road map' to accelerate your game. Who doesn't want to win the next club competition or wager with their friends?  
Follow our simple step-by-step program to start your golfing journey. Includes FREE Colour Path Golf Kit* worth £79.99:
  • Starter Kit (8pcs)
  • Putting Plate 
  • Golf Training Towel
*Those who have previously completed one of/or both Fast Track Programs will receive some additional Colour Path Golf Kit to enable you to complete the program's skills, drills and swing tips.
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