COLOUR PATH GOLF® Pure Roll Putting Plate - Green

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The reason why we created the Pure Roll Putting Plate was to fill a gap in the market for affordable entry-level training aids which have multiple uses. Each Pure Roll Putting Plate comes with 8 branded COLOUR PATH GOLF® tee pegs as well as an instructional leaflet showing you 11 different ways to use your plate. We also have a designated page on the website which shows videos of each of the ways you can practice with your plate. Available in the four primary colours we hope that you find this training aid to be great fun to use as well as a great way to improve your putting stroke while giving you a ton of visual feedback.

The 'How to Leaflet' provided shows you 11 ways to use your Pure Roll Putting Plate to perform Impact Drills, Pure Roll Drills and Fix Drills all of which can be viewed in our Putting Video Vault via our website.

*The Volvik golf balls in images are not included.