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This is one of our latest products the COLOUR PATH GOLF® STUDENT PRACTICE KIT, the perfect size Kit for Students and Junior golfers who can replicate the drills and coaching points given to them in a package/series of lessons delivered by CPG Associated Professionals or CPG Certified Instructors. Smaller than the Training Kit it fits nicely into your golf bag for easy use. The individual pieces in this Kit excluding the Discs are shorter in length than the ones that are in the Training Kit, hence the smaller bag size they come in. Each Practice Kit comes complete with a 'How to Leaflet' plus some additional online content.

The Practice Kit includes the following 19 individual pieces:

  • 4 Yellow Thin Rulers
  • 3 Blue Thin Rulers
  • 1 Green Thin Ruler
  • 3 Red Thin Rulers
  • 1 Blue Medium Size Panel
  • 1 Yellow Large Pad
  • 1 Green Large Pad
  • 1 Red Large Pad
  • 1 Yellow Disc with 8mm Hole in Centre
  • 1 Blue Disc with 8mm Hole in Centre
  • 1 Green Disc with 8mm Hole in Centre
  • 1 Red Disc with 8mm Hole in Centre

You will also receive an A4 waterproof tough bag to carry all the pieces in also provided with a yellow microfibre towel to wipe clean your kit.

The Practice Kit comes with a registration leaflet showing you some basic ways to lay your kit out, along with a unique registration number that you use to register your kit via our website to gain additional access to more fun ways to use your COLOUR PATH GOLF® Product.