Go For It Package 3 Hours

Go For It Package 3 Hours

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This package gives you the opportunity to work on a few different areas of your game to ACCELERATE what you would like to change.

Our Go For It Package will allow you to focus on a specific goal which can be worked on over 3 individual sessions allowing you time to practice between each session to help you to accelerate your game to the next level. Each session will work on whats needed to make the changes required to move your game in the direction you need it to go with some simple drills and skills challenges to make the learning fun while also being effective.


Before you click to purchase this session please leave us a message in the ASK A QUESTION space provided at the bottom of the page to indicate who you would like to take your first lesson with either Kevin or John and then include your telephone number and the date and time that you are looking to take your lesson.

We look forward to helping you with your game.

PLEASE NOTE: All lesson prices quoted refer to lessons taken at our Rickmansworth Academy only.


         Kevin Merry                              John Glenn

              Co-Founders of Colour Path Golf


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