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Colour Path Golf Founders

Driven By Colour

The team at COLOUR PATH GOLF® has one simple goal; to help everyone play better golf.  As PGA Professionals, the Founders of COLOUR PATH GOLF® realised the link between dwindling participation and the frustration of learning to play the game.  By simplifying the learning process, they knew that they could have a positive impact on the sport they love.

The COLOUR PATH GOLF® concept is an entirely new way of learning.  Using coloured shapes, Pros layout easy to follow maps that indicate the path that the golf club should follow to hit the desired shot.  This concept is easy to use and simple to follow, which means that it can be used by all ages and any ability level. 

Once coaches begin using COLOUR PATH GOLF® they can communicate with students in the language of colour.  There is no need for technical explanations as the visual of the kit layed out on the ground creates greater clarity of task. This is achieved in the form of a simple road map to follow where a specific colour coded reference is connected to either end of the golf club. COLOUR PATH GOLF® is an externally focused learning concept simplifying what can be complex ideas.  Results are quick and long-lasting, which builds the enjoyment of the game and increases retention.

Join us and re-awaken your passion for the game by learning how to map out a pathway to better golf!