Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need visual aids?

The COLOUR PATH GOLF kits have been designed to tap into the highest forms of learning so information is retained and repeated. making learning fun for all ages is equally important and our systems use both elements of interesting learning and neuroscience to deliver increased performance improvement.

83% of what is learned from sight. 90% of information is retained if audio is used at the same time as action (Cite: Cuban 2001). It has been scientifically proven that only 11% of what we learn is from hearing alone. 

What areas of the game can I work on with my Colour Path Golf Kit?

With your COLOUR PATH GOLF kits, you are able to work on all aspects of the game. Our range of products are truly versatile whether you are a professional or student and are adaptable to all training and practice situations and gives fantastic visual stimulation and keys as to when to activate certain desired actions such as power speed or control.

We have drills and games to help different areas from hitting the ball further to holing those crucial putts. Using visual aids is the best way of delivering the message.

Do I need a professional instructor to help me?

We always believe that having a coach give you guidance is the best way to improve. Our kits was designed to be the most versatile visual training kit on the market and improve the clarity of the coaching method and the way that you practice.

We provide free content to show you how to use the range of kits but recommend a CPG Instructor to show you that you are using it correctly. Our smaller kits are designed so you can practice on the range or on the course what you have learned in your lessons.

Where can I purchase Colour Path Golf products?

UK / Europe / Rest of World

You can purchase directly from us online. We are growing the number of shops we have products stocked in including The Grove, Silvermere Golf & Leisure Complex, 3Hammers Golf Complex, Lavender Park Golf Centre & The Complete Golfer Store. Please see for the list of Professional instructors using our kit.


We have partnered with for USA distribution. Please see their site for availability.

Which countries do you ship to?

We are able to ship anywhere in Europe and Rest Of World excluding USA.

For USA please visit for their Terms & Conditions.

Can I return purchases?

Should you have any faults with any Colour Path Golf Products that you have purchased you have 30 days to return it to us for a full refund or exchange. Please contact us at to arrange a return of your product. (Please note we do not cover any costs for returns on any postage and packaging). When returning any items please include a copy of your order form and a note to indicate why you wish to return your product.