Learn Golf for the price of one lesson in a series of easy to follow steps

A typical package of 6 lessons will cost £420 or choose our New To Golf Program for just £79.00 including your personal training kit to compliment your course, truly the best valued package on the market to start your golfing journey!

You could very quickly be playing better golf than ever before or if you are just starting out, hitting it like a competent golfer in hours. 

Ok, so there is a lot of science behind audio/visual learning but if you have been to a professional or searched through YouTube for that one magic tip you may have become more confused. We don’t get you involved in that side, just benefitting from our research and over 50 years of combined coaching experience. 

We have had 100% success rate with our teaching process. Not just us, but those that have become certified from Korea to California have also seen the same results either with their own game or their students. Professionals, parents and school teachers have all found the course simple to follow either for themselves or to coach others.

We have a growing global network of instructors, online certification courses and an online coaching platform so that you can choose the best solution for your improvement. 


Self Learn: Follow our New To Golf online instruction course and take your game to the next level with our Unique Self Learning Fast Track Golf Program. Get a full understanding of the key elements that you can take anywhere. Use the kit to follow the instruction whether on the range or on the course.

Work through our online self learning course which will show you step by step how to create your optimal swing. With easy to follow basic instructional videos and some fun quizzes to test your understanding on all aspects of the game you will be able to teach yourself the basics of the game as you learn at your own speed.

No need for endless hours of practice as we show you how to accelerate your learning process with focused practice on things that are guaranteed to work. Our simple to follow colour coded externally focused system makes learning fun and easy and is the most powerful 5 minutes in golf!




plus (27 free instructional videos)

1 x Starter Kit - £34.99 

1 x Pure Roll Putting Plate- £19.99

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