How To Play Better Golf And Avoid Getting Confused By Golf Coaching

You may be one of the many golfers that gets confused by the terminology in golf Or maybe you have watched countless YouTube videos and not progressed your game. If anything it confused you more.

When you do get it right on the range it doesn't work the same when you get out on the course?

You’ve either spent hundreds of dollars on lessons or spent hours getting tip after tip from online channels without any structure. (Structure is dull right)

Then you get the days when it does go right but you turn up the next time and it feels like you never played the game before.


How did we get to a simpler way of learning the game?

With over 50 years of coaching experience, our own light bulb moment came when we asked a long time student to build out their swing using our prototype Colour Path Golf kit back in 2017.

The instruction we had been providing seemed to have got lost in translation (we were speaking the same language)

We were a little embarrassed at first but then soon saw that this was common for most golfers. Even professionals who relied on their natural ability often couldn’t solve swing issues when it went wrong.

If a professional coach tells you to swing less on the inside it’s up to your interpretation of that message. How much is too much or too little?

The other aspect is that it becomes an internal reference (don't worry we're not going to get too technical). If we told you to hit a nail with a hammer you would look at the nail head and strike it with the hammer.

No thinking about your shoulder position or your angle of attack. You’d just go right ahead and hit the nail. 

Laying out our Colour Path Golf kit enabled us to give simpler instruction to our students.

"Club face back on yellow, down on blue, through on green with club face looking at red." 


We’d been using alignment sticks and clubs down and various other tools but they all sat outside of the swing path.  

In our first lessons with students we get them to build out the exact swing path they believe will deliver the result they want to achieve. If they want to hit it slightly right to left, for example.

We’ve tried this on other professionals, competent golfers and those new to the game. In only 5% of cases were they able to build out the correct path. (That would be a lot of sore thumbs in the hammer exercise!)

Once students knew the correct path and could follow our swing guide we saw instant results.

This was a culmination of knowing the correct path and having it laid out externally for them to follow.

The great thing is once they start seeing that correct path they can visualise that path when they’re out on the course.

Golf is all about the right process and the right result will follow.

With our own students and our network of certified coaches we’ve seen a 100% success rate for those that have tried our concept. Thousands of golfers swinging it better.

Instant clarity on what information a student is receiving can be laid out on the ground and from there. It’s so simple it’s instant.

“When I saw the coloured pieces I was sceptical but having played for thirty years I was on the brink of giving up. Within 15 minutes I was hitting it better than I’d ever done and went out the following week and won a competition”

SC, 10 handicap

“Wow. If I’d have know it was this simple if have saved myself a fortune on lessons and many hours of watching YouTube videos and getting nowhere.”

AR, 24 handicap

“After thirty eight years of teaching experience of which thirty three are here in Germany, there is always the possibility to learn more. …. giving lessons has  become even more fun as  Colour Path Golf make learning golf a lot easier ! I would highly recommend it”

GM, PGA Professional

The versatility of the kit means you can teach yourself, work with your coach or have an online lesson form one of our certified instructors. We guarantee you'll learn more about your game in ten swings and we give you your money back if not. (None given back so far to happy customers)

Through our programs you'll learn to: 

  • A faster more engaging way of learning.
  • Identify your natural swing path
  • Get the correct path for each shot you want to hit.
  • Follow our DNA online lesson course and start to own your swing
  • Hit the ball out of the middle of the club face more often.
  • Hit the ball more consistently
  • Understand your “bad” shot and be able to fix it.
  • Hit it further

Which path is right for you?

Teach yourself: Online Course

We provide you with a 5 star rated course that hundreds of professionals and amateurs have used to improve their game.



 P.S. There is a drill we use by placing a red ruler next to your ball when hitting a driver to promote hitting up on the ball. Very simple and twenty yards more on your drives!!