“If you just communicate, you can get by, but if you communicate skillfully, you can work miracles” Jim Rohn

We want more players enjoying the game of golf. COLOUR PATH GOLF was developed to improve clarity in communication between coach and student. Clarity of communication is key in all walks of life.

Imagine the statement "You're swinging too much on the inside". Does the student understand the terminology? How much is too much? Is the instructors' idea of too much the same as the players? 

Training aids such as alignment sticks can be great but they lack the clarity of where the club should be delivered from and where it should exit to. Unless you snap them into pieces and then it gets a bit messy.

COLOUR PATH GOLF® was created to show students the correct swing path using colour to influence movement. Giving a clear map to a student of how they should be swinging the club, is like delivering a guided GPS journey.

The more lessons we provide and the more professionals who use our kit to communicate the results are blowing us away. We've had beginners hitting the ball better than they could imagine, 10 handicap golfers suddenly hitting it better than they ever did and kids loving the engagement.

And if you think colours are for kids. Why do we think as we get older we make things more difficult? More technical? Surely with improved wisdom, we'd want to make things easier.

As the links between Neuroscience, NLP and coaching continue, communication and simplicity lie at the heart of development. The move to well being is all about quietening the noise. In essence, that is what COLOUR PATH GOLF does. It focuses on the process, not the result. The result will come from following the process. 

As we simplify the process for both coach and player better results will be attained and more people will love the game of golf in the same way we do. 

Whilst we provide training and drills to deliver our message, we have provided free content for you to experience just how easy golf can be. Whether you're a student or a professional who have their own teaching methodology, we're convinced you'll love what we believe to be the most powerful and versatile training aid in the market today.