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Aimed primarily at Instructors, our original Pro Training Kit has been designed specifically for green grass sites and for Professionals who regularly teach both small groups and individual golfers. The Kit is comprised of 36 individual pieces allowing you to coach group classes of up to 4 Students with one Kit with enough versatility to create most drills and skills layouts. More Kit would be required depending on the number of setups you layout in the sessions. The Kit pieces are slightly larger than those that are found in our Practice Kit which is targeted to the Students to practice with away from their lessons with their CPG Instructor. Each Training Kit comes complete with a 'How to Leaflet' plus some additional online content.

The Training Kit includes the following 36 individual pieces:

  • 8 Yellow Thin Rulers
  • 4 Blue Thin Rulers
  • 4 Green Thin Rulers
  • 4 Red Thin Rulers
  • 1 Yellow Medium Size Panel
  • 1 Blue Medium Size Panel
  • 1 Green Medium Size Panel
  • 1 Red Medium Size Panel
  • 1 Yellow Large Pad
  • 1 Blue Large Pad
  • 1 Green Large Pad
  • 1 Red Large Pad
  • 2 Yellow Discs with 8mm Hole in Centre
  • 2 Blue Discs with 8mm Hole in Centre
  • 2 Green Discs with 8mm Hole in Centre
  • 2 Red Discs with 8mm Hole in Centre

You will also receive an A3 waterproof tough bag to carry all the pieces in also provided with a yellow microfibre towel to wipe clean your kit.

The Training Kit comes with a registration leaflet showing you some basic ways to lay your kit out, along with a unique registration number that you use to register your kit via our website to gain additional access to more fun ways to use your COLOUR PATH GOLF® Product.

Register here for online videos and documentation to accompany your purchase.